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Windmills continue to be a symbol of Dutch culture.   

There were at least 2  windmills in New Amsterdam.  One was used as a gristmill, and one as a sawmill.

The "Earliest windmill in the settlement here, built in 1626, stood on the northwestern tip of Governor's Island.....was often said to be a watermill."   This mill was burned in 1648 when it became useless.   See de Halve Maene article on Windmills below by Bogart.

The 'Old Fort Windmill' was a gristmill, constructed in 1628.   Another windmill was also constructed in 1628, was used as a sawmill and later became a gristmill.

The windmill image above is:
The Mill at Wijk-bij-Duurstede  by  Jacob van Ruisdael  c. 1670
Oil on canvas
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