Place: Southampton, NY

Founding Name

Southampton was  founded in 1640 when settlers from LynnMassachusetts, established residence on lands obtained from local Shinnecock Indian Nation.   The first settlers included eight men, one woman, and a boy who came ashore at Conscience Point. These men were Thomas HalseyEdward Howell, Edmond Farrington, Allen Bread, Edmund Needham, Abraham Pierson the Elder, Thomas Sayre, Josiah Stanborough, George Welbe, Henry Walton and Job Sayre.[4] By July 7, 1640, they had determined the town boundaries. During the next few years (1640–43), Southampton gained another 43 families.

From 1644, the colonists established an organised whale fishery, significant in the history of whaling as the first in New England. They chased pilot whales ("blackfish") onto the shelving beaches for slaughter, a sort of dolphin drive hunting. They also processed drift whales they found on shore. They observed the Native Americans' hunting techniques, improved on their weapons and boats, and then went out to ocean hunting.[5]

The first meeting house was on a hill that is the site of the current Southampton Hospital. The town's oldest existent house is the Halsey House at 249 Main Street, which was built by Thomas Halsey, one of the first Englishmen to trade with the Shinnecocks.[6],_New_York

Chosen Name
Full Name
Southampton Town
Founding Date (text)
End Date (text)
Date of Establishment (text)
Associated with Connecticut
Jurisdiction Type
Boundary Events
Name at the time Change Start Date End Date Boundary Event
Southampton First settled 1640-04-17 1650-09-15 Southampton_Southampton_1640-04-17_1650-09-15
Southampton Claimed by Connecticut by Treaty of Hartford 1650-09-15 1662-04-23 Southampton_Southampton_1650-09-15_1662-04-23
Southampton Claimed by Connecticut by royal charter. 1662-04-23 1664-03-12 Southampton_Southampton_1662-04-23_1664-03-12
Southampton Assigned to Yorkshire shire 1664-03-12 1683-11-01 Southampton_Southampton_1664-03-12_1683-11-01
Southampton Assigned to Suffolk County 1683-11-01 1789-04-01 Southampton_Southampton_1683-11-01_1789-04-01
Southampton Recognized as a town by state law. 1789-04-01 1859-03-16 Southampton_Southampton_1789-04-01_1859-03-16
Southampton Southampton lost to Shinnecock Reservation 1859-03-16 1887-10-12 Southampton_Southampton_1859-03-16_1887-10-12
Southampton Maritime limits extended to state line 1887-10-12 9999-12-31 Southampton_Southampton_1887-10-12_9999-12-31
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