Place: Hempstead, NY

Founding Name
Chosen Name
Full Name
Heemstede Stad
Founding Date (text)
End Date (text)
Date of Establishment (text)
...the first patent was issued by Governor Kieft...
Jurisdiction Type
Nieuw Nederlandt
Boundary Events
Name at the time Change Start Date End Date Boundary Event
Heemstede Chartered 1644-11-16 1662-04-23 Hempstead_Heemstede_1644-11-16_1662-04-23
Hempstead Claimed by Connecticut by royal charter. 1662-04-23 1664-03-12 Hempstead_Hempstead_1662-04-23_1664-03-12
Hempstead Assigned to Yorkshire shire 1664-03-12 1683-11-01 Hempstead_Hempstead_1664-03-12_1683-11-01
Hempstead Assigned to Queens County 1683-11-01 1768-12-31 Hempstead_Hempstead_1683-11-01_1768-12-31
Hempstead Maritime limits extended in Long Island Sound 1768-12-31 1784-04-06 Hempstead_Hempstead_1768-12-31_1784-04-06
South Hempstead Separated from Hempstead 1784-04-06 1789-04-01 Hempstead_South Hempstead_1784-04-06_1789-04-01
South Hempstead Recognized as a town by state law. 1789-04-01 1796-02-05 Hempstead_South Hempstead_1789-04-01_1796-02-05
Hempstead South Hempstead renamed Hempstead 1796-02-05 1824-11-24 Hempstead_Hempstead_1796-02-05_1824-11-24
Hempstead Gained in Jamaica Bay, Atlantic Ocean 1824-11-24 1887-10-12 Hempstead_Hempstead_1824-11-24_1887-10-12
Hempstead Maritime limits extended to state line 1887-10-12 1898-01-01 Hempstead_Hempstead_1887-10-12_1898-01-01
Hempstead Hempstead lost to Queens (Rockaway Peninsula) 1898-01-01 1899-01-01 Hempstead_Hempstead_1898-01-01_1899-01-01
Hempstead County changed from Queens to Nassau 1899-01-01 1922-04-13 Hempstead_Hempstead_1899-01-01_1922-04-13
Hempstead Lost to Long Beach 1922-04-13 1926-04-16 Hempstead_Hempstead_1922-04-13_1926-04-16
Hempstead Lost to Long Beach 1926-04-16 9999-12-31 Hempstead_Hempstead_1926-04-16_9999-12-31
Source Images

History of Long Island, Vol. 1, Ross, Chap. LX p. 880