Place: Billiou Stillwell Perrine House

The Dutch West India Company  made several attempts to settle 'Staaten Eylandt beginning in 1639.   After a  final treaty with the Native Americans from a number of tribes  in 1660 a small group of settlers requested land on Staten Island in 1661. Pieter (Pierre) Billiou from Flanders was among them, and  the Billiou Stillwell Perrine House likely began construction some time between 1661 and 1663.    

Additions to this house over the next 200 years make it a particularly interesting historic house to visit.   At the time that Pierre Billou built his house, the land grant he received was so large, that he could see the Atlantic Ocean from the garden.

The Staten Island Historical Society continues to support the preservation of this house.   


Current Location(s)
Billiou-Stillwell-Perrine House in 2023, Rick Vanden Heuvel modelling 17th Century suiting that would have been typical for a person of Adrian van der Donck's standing..