Entity Description: Tribe - Canarsee


Canarsee Indian chief Penhawitz sold lands around Jamaica Bay to the Dutch West India Company May 10, 1640.  https://encyclopedia.nahc-mapping.org/document/dutch-colonial-council-minutes-13-may-1640


Wikipedia notes:

The Canarsee (also Canarse and Canarsie) were a band of Munsee-speaking Lenape who inhabited the westernmost end of Long Island[3] at the time the Dutch colonized New Amsterdam in the 1620s and 1630s.

They are credited with selling the island of Manhattan to the Dutch, even though they only occupied its lower reaches, with the balance the seasonal hunting grounds of the Wecquaesgeek of the Wappinger people to the north.[4]

The Canarsee were among the peoples who were conflated with other Long Island bands into a group called the Metoac, an aggregation which failed to recognize their linguistic differences and varying tribal affinities.[5]


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