Entity Description: Tribe - Corhaug


The Corchaugs controlled the land to the east of the Setaukets. Their territory was bounded on the west by a line extending from Wading River to the center of the Island and east along the north fluke of the Island to Orient Point. They also occupied several of the necks of land along the north shore of Peconic Bay.   Jeremy Davis

In 1648m the Corchaugs signed a deed that sold the land to create the East Hampton township.   See a translation of the document below:


APRILL the 29th, 1648.

This present writing testifieth an agreement between the worship'll Theophilus Eaton, Esquire. Governor of the Colony of New Haven, And the worship'll Edward Hopkins, Esquire, Governor of the Colony Connecticut, and their asotyats on the one parte, And Poggatacut, Sachem of Munhansett, Wayandanch, Sachem Meuntacut, Momowetow, Sachem of Corchake, Nowedonah. Sachen of Shinecoke. and their asotyates, the other Part. The said Sachems having sould unto the fore said Mr. Eaton and Mr. Hopkins, with their asotyats, all the Land lyinge from the bounds of the Inhabitants of Southampton, unto the East side of Napeak. next unto Meuutacut high Land, with the whole breadth from Sea to Sea,not Intrenching upon any in length or breadth. which the inhabitants of Southampton, have and do possess, as they by lawful right shall make appeare, for and in consideration of twentie Coates, twei)tie-four looking-glasses, twentie-four hoes, twentie-four hatchets, twenty-four knives, One hundred muges, allready Received by us the forenamed Sachems, for ourselves and asotyates; ond in consideration thereof, we doe give upp unto the said Purchasers, all our right and Interest in the said Land, to them and their heirs forever.

Allsoe doe bind ourselves, to secure their right from any claims of any other, whether Indians, or other Nation whatsover, that doe, or may hereafter, challenge Interest therein. Allsoe. we, the said Sachems, have Covenanted to have. Libertie, freely to fish in any or all the cricks and ponds, and hunt up and downe in the woods without Molestation, they giving the English Inhabitants noe just offence, or Injurie to their goods and Chattells. Likewise, they are to have the fynns and tails of all such whales as shall be cast upp, to their proper right and desire they may bee dealt with in the other part. Allsoe, they reserve libertie to fish in all convenient places, for Shells to make wampum. Allsoe, if the Indyans, hunting of any deare. they should chase them into the water, and the English should kill them, the English shall have the body. and the Sachem the skin.

And in Testimony of our well performance hereof, we have set to our hands, the day and year above written.

Witnesses to this,





The marke of POGGATCUT, Manhansett Sachem.

The marke of WYANDANCH, Meautacut Sachem.

The marke of MOMOWETA, Corehake Sachem.

The marke of NOWEDONAR, Shinecok Sachem.

Cheekanoo, X his marke, their Interpreter.