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Lourens Pietersen
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Gr-br. to Lourens Pietersen (Norman). (GG: 175.)Desc: A cert, lot lying bet. the lot of Pieter Highlander and the lot of Evert Duyckingh; on the E. side, 10 r., 6 ft.; on the S. side, next the lot of the Negroes, 4 r.,
Document Source(s)
GG: 175
Full Grant Entry (The Iconography of Manhattan Island, Vol. 4, Ch. 4: The Dutch Grants):

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Full Stokes Entry (See images below)

Mch. 12 Gr-br. to Lourens Pietersen (Norman). (GG: 175.)

Desc: A cert, lot lying bet. the lot of Pieter Highlander

and the lot of Evert Duyckingh; on the E. side, 10 r.,

6 ft.; on the S. side, next the lot of the Negroes, 4 r.,

9 ft. ; on the W. side, next to the lot of Pieter Highlander,
9 r., 7 ft.; on the N. side, in the front of the ho., 2 r.,

3 ft., 3 ins.; amtg. in all to 36 r., 6 ft., 2 ins. and 5 gr.


Feb. 18 Deed. Lourens Pietersen (Norman) to Harck Sybout-
sen. (Lib. A, Deeds, N. Y. Co.: 36.) Desc: E. side
Graft, bet. lot of E. Duyckinck and A. Rycken, and that
as br. and as long as large and small as it belonged to
Lourens Pietersen, according to gr-br. dated Mch. 12,

Mch. 22 Deed. Harck Syboutsen to Luycas Dircksen Van
Bergh. (Lib. A, Deeds, N. Y. Co.: 39.) Recites gr-br.
to Lourens Pietersen of Mch. 12, 1647. Desc: E. side
of the Graft, bet. lot of Jan Rutgersen on S. and
Jochem Beeckman on the N.; br. in front on Street or
W. side, 2 r., 5 ft.; br. in rear on the N. side, 8 r., ^}4 ft.;
long on S. side, 8 r., 6 ft.; E. side, 7 r., 5 ft. as measured
by Court Messenger; in virtue of deed by L. Pietersen,
Feb. 18, 1656.

June 29 Deed. Luycas Dircksen Van Bergh to Lourens
Andriessen Van Boskerck. (Lib. A, Deeds, N. Y. Co.:
53.) Recites s. a. Syboutsen to Van Bergh, Mch. 22 last.
Desc: s. a. preceding instrument.

June 24 Deed. Lourens Andriessen of Boskerck to Jochem
Beeckman. (Lib. A, Deeds, N. Y. Co.: 53.) Desc:
P. 0. lot of first party, near about the Graft in rear of
Jochem Beeckman's lot abutting on E. side lot of Evert
Duyckingh and on W. and N. sides, J. Beeckman; S.
side by Andriessen; broad on W. side, 5 r.; br. on N. side.

5 r., 23^ ft.; E. side, 5 r., 3 ft.; S. side, 3 r., 6}4 h. June 24
Recites in virtue of deed by L. Dircksen to Andriessen.

Conf. Governor Nicolls to Jochem Beekman. (Pats. June 8
Alb., H: 44.) Recites transport Lawrence Andriessen
van Boskerck to Beeckman, dated June 29, 1652. Desc:
Near the Graft behind ground belonging to Beeckman,
abutting on the E. to Evert Duyckings; on the W. and
N. sides, Jochem Beeckman and on the S. side the fore-
named Lawrence Andriessen. Cont'g s. a. instrument


Deed. Lourens Andriessen van Boskerck to Jacobus June 29
Backer. (Lib. A, Deeds, N. Y. Co.: 55.) Desc: E.
side Graft; bounded bet. lots of J. Beeckman on N. side,
E. Duyckingh on E. side, Jan Rutgersen on S. side; br.
in front on st. or W. side, 3 r., i ft., and in rear like br.;
length both sides, from st. to E. Duyckingh. Recites
deed L. Dircksen and J. Beeckman to Lourens Andriessen,
of even date.


Conf. Governor Nicolls to Jacobus Backer. (Pats. June 29
Alb., H: 62.) Recites above deed. Desc: E. side the
Graft bet. Jochem Beeckman's on the N. side; of Evert
Duyckings on the E.; and of Jan Rutgers on the S.
Cont'g in br. before towards the St., on W. side, 3 r.,
I ft.; and behind, the like; in length both sides of the
way upon a right line as far as to Evert Duyckings,
his lots.