Lot: J15 (Grant Lots)

Lot Group
Grant Lots
Date Start
Date End
To Party 1 (text)
Michael Jansen
From Party (Text)
Grant Description
Gr-br. to Michael Jansen. Not found of record.cited in conf. set forth below
Document Source(s)
Pats. Alb., II: 134
Full Grant Entry (The Iconography of Manhattan Island, Vol. 4, Ch. 4: The Dutch Grants):

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Full Stokes Entry (See images below)
Gr-br. to Michael Jansen. Not found of record.

cited in conf. set forth below.


Conf Governor Nicolls to Fitchie Hartmans, wid. of Oct.
Michael Jansen. (Pats. Alb., II: 134.) Recites gr-br.,
Stuyvesant to Michael Jansen. Desc: Lot lying and
being towards the waterside, at a cert. cor. or hook
commonly called the Schreyer's Hook, cont'g on the
SW. side, 32 ft., 8 ins.; on NW. side, 4 r., 5 ft.; on the
NE. side, 29 ft.; and on the SE. side, s r., 10 ft.