Lot: H5 (Grant Lots)

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Grant Lots
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To Party 1 (text)
Francis Doughty
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Grant Description
Gr-br. to Francis Doughty. Not found of record. Apl. 18 Recited in conf. set forth below
Document Source(s)
Lib. A, Nov. 16 Deeds, N. Y. Co.: 112
Full Grant Entry (The Iconography of Manhattan Island, Vol. 4, Ch. 4: The Dutch Grants):

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Full Stokes Entry (See images below)

Gr-br. to Francis Doughty. Not found of record. Apl. 18
Recited in conf. set forth below.

Deed. Francis Doughty to Charles Morgan. Not Apl. 30
found of record. Recited in conf. set forth below.

Deed. Charles Morgan to Jan Dircksen. (Lib. A, Nov. 16
Deeds, N. Y. Co.: 112.) Recites a bill of sale, Nov. 10,
1657; also a deed Apl. 30, 1652. Desc: Ho. and lot W.
of Fort Amsterdam on the North river; having the length
and breadth as measured on Dec. 5, by J. Cortelyou and
found to be on the W. side, 6 r., 4 ft.; on the E. side 6 r.;
N. side 6 r.; S. side, 4 r., I ft.

Conf. Governor Nicolls to Jan Dircksen. (Pats. Feb. 13
II., Alb.: 164.) Dex.: s. a. foregoing instrument.

Conf Governor Nicolls to Samuel Edsall. (Pats. May 23
Alb., Ill: 39.) Recites gr-br. Stuyvesant to Francis
Doughty, Apl. 18, 1649 (supra), who on Apl. 30, 1652
conveyed a part to Charles Morgan, and the rest. May
22, 1657 was transported to his son, Francis Doughty,
Jr., who since hath sold to Samuel Edsall. Desc: On
W. side the Fort, cont'g in length on that side toward
the Fort, nyi r., in br. next the river, on the N. side
towards the rocks, loyi r., on the S. side, bet. Paulus
Heymans and said Doughty's, 4 r. and on the W. side
alongst the strand, 18 r.

Recited in conf