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Gr-br. to Sybout Claesen. Not found of record, but recited in conf. set forth below
Document Source(s)
Dutch MSS., Ill: 53
Full Grant Entry (The Iconography of Manhattan Island, Vol. 4, Ch. 4: The Dutch Grants):

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Full Stokes Entry (See images below)

May 12 Gr-br. to Sybout Claesen. Not found of record, but
recited in conf. set forth below.

Aug. 14 Deed. Sybolt Claesen to Joost Teunissen (Van
Naerden). (Dutch MSS., Ill: 53.) Desc: Ho. and lot
opposite the Company's Five Houses, by virtue of a
gr-br. of May 12, 1646.

Note: Evidently Hendrick Willems purchased this ho.
prior to Oct., 1654, for at that date, Joost Teunissen
sued him for the balance due on the payment. (Rec. N.
Am., I; 257.) The deed did not pass until May 12, 1657.
Some time prior to Oct., i66i, Willemsen sold, or, more
probably, leased, the ho. and the bolting mill and other
appurtenances to Hendrick Jansen, a baker. (See rec-
ord of his suit against Jansen in Rec. N. Am., Ill: 372.)
As Willems was confirmed, this sale could not have been


Aug. 3 Conf. Governor Nicolls to Hendrick Willems. (Pats.
Alb., II: 86.) Recites gr-br. to Sybout Caesen, May 12,
1646; transport by Sybout of his interest to Joost Teu-
nissen van Naarden, Aug. 14, 1649 and by van Naarden
to Hendrick Willems, May 12, 1657. Desc: N. Corner
Winckle St. over against the Five Houses heretofore
belonging to the West India Co.; having on the E. the
street afsd.; on the W. the Fort; on the N. the Brewers
or Stone Street; and on the S. the lot formerly belonging
to Maximilian Van Geel; cont'g in br. and length as in
the gr-br.