Lot: C4 (Grant Lots)

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Grant Lots
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To Party 1 (text)
Hendrick Jansen Smith
From Party (Text)
Grant Description
Deed. Hendnck Jansen to Adam Brouwer. (Dutch Feb. 21 MSS., II: 141.) Desc: "formerly occupied by Jeuriacn Roodolff."
Document Source(s)
GG: 98
Full Grant Entry (The Iconography of Manhattan Island, Vol. 4, Ch. 4: The Dutch Grants):

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Full Stokes Entry (See images below)
June 13 Gr-br. to Hendrick Jansen Smith. (GG: 98.) Desc:
A lot for a ho. and garden lying at the E. end of Gerrit
Douman and d'boer Jansen,* extending along the lots of
Govert Loockermans and Mr. Allerton, 10 r., 5 ft., 2
ins.; on the E. side, 9 r., 7 ft., i in.; and on the W. side,
9 r., 6 ft., 9 ins.; an inward corner (^een inhoek) on the S.
side, 5 r., 5 ft., 4 gr. To the front of the lot on the W.
side, 2 r., 3 ft., 4 ins.; in front of the lot in length, 8 r.,
2 ft., 5 ins.; amtg. in all to 123 r., 6 ft. and 9 ins.

•Pieter Jansen van Gorcum.


15 Deed. Hendrick Jansen Smith to Gerrit Fullewever.
(HH: 53.) Desc: A lot lying on the Great Highway in
length on the W., 9 r., % ft.; on the N., 6 r., 6% ft.; to-
gether with a corner thereby of 2 r., 2}/i ft.; on the S., 6}4
r. and yi ft.


Aug. 2 Deed. Abraham Pietersen, Vendue Master, to
Hendrick Egbertsen. (Dutch MSS., Ill: 46.) Desc:
Lot situated N. E. of the bastion of the fort by virtue of a
gr-br. and bill of sale of Andries Hudde, of June 13, 1644.
Note: The gr-br. of June 13, 1644 was to Hendrick
Jansen Smith, and is wrongly recited as being to Hudde.

Aug. 2 Deed. Hendrick Egbertsen to Dirck Bensinck. {Dutch
MSS., Ill: 46.) Desc: The S'ly one-half of the above
mentioned lot.