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Martin Cregier
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Gr-br. to Martin Cregier. (GG: 60.) Desc
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GG: 60
Full Grant Entry (The Iconography of Manhattan Island, Vol. 4, Ch. 4: The Dutch Grants):

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Full Stokes Entry (See images below)

Gr-br. to Martin Cregier. (GG: 60.) Desc: A May 18

cert, lot for a ho. and garden lying N. of the Fort on the

Island of Manhattans, extending from the ho. about

westward, 9 r., 2 ft., i in.; towards the Fort about S.,

6 r., 9 ft., 2 ins., 9 gr.; again about in an Easterly direc-
tion with a great outpoint, 14 r„ 6 ft., i in.; further, to
the place of beginning, 4 r., s ft-J amtg. in an uneven
four-sided figure to 86 r., 3 ft., 6 ins., 7 gr.


Gr-br. to Martin Cregier. (HH-2: 135.) "In place Jan. 26
of a lot granted to him 18 May, 1643, and surrendered."
Said new gr-br. being on the same land as that of previous
date, but dimensions modified as follows: A lot for a
ho. and garden in the city on the W. of the Great High-
way, N. of the lot of Anna Cox, S. of Francis Boon; in br.
on E., 41 ft. (wood measure), 5 ins.; on W. 44 wood ft.,
S ins.; in length on N. and S., 13 r.

Conf. Governor Nicolls to Martin Cregier. Not found Feb. 20



Feb. 20 of record. Recited in deed (Lib. 13, Deeds, N. Y. Co.: