Lot: A10 (Grant Lots)

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Grant Lots
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Date End
To Party 1 (text)
Unknown grantee
From Party (Text)
Dirck Nes
Grant Description
Gr-br. to unknown grantee.* Not found of record. May 23 Recited in following instrument:
Document Source(s)
Lib. A, Aug. 31 Deeds, N. Y. Co.: 28
Source Types
Full Grant Entry (The Iconography of Manhattan Island, Vol. 4, Ch. 4: The Dutch Grants):

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Full Stokes Entry (See images below)

Gr-br. to unknown grantee.* Not found of record. May 23
Recited in following instrument:

Deed. Dirck Nes to Cornells de Bruyn. (Lib. A, Aug. 31
Deeds, N. Y. Co.: 28.) Recites a gr-br., dated May 23,

1650, Stuyvesant to ; also recites deed

to Dirck Nes, Aug. 18, 1652; also power of attorney given
to Dirck Van Schelluyne and another, July 27, 1654.
Desc; A ho. and lot on the Great Highway, southwards
of Church-yard; N. of the ho. and lot of H. Steyn; in
front on the street or E. side, 3 r., less i ft.; in the rear,
on the W. side, 3 r.,iyi ft. ; long on both N. and S. sides,
9 r., 4 ft.; according to survey by the Court Messenger.

Deed. Cornells Willemsen d'Beer, agent of Cornells June 2
De Bruyn to Ryndert Jansen Hoorn. (Lib. A, Deeds, N.
Y. Co. : 92.) Recites Power of atty . to Cornells Willemsen
d'Beer, December 20, 1656; also, deed to De Bruyn,
Aug. 31, 1655. Desc: s. a. preceding deed.

Deed. Ryndert Jansen Hoorn to Petrus Stuyvesant.
Not found of record, but recited in deed set forth below.

Deed. Judith Stuyvesant, wid. and relict of Petrus Apl. 12
Stuyvesant, deed, to Peter Simkam. (Lib. B, Deeds, N.
Y. Co.: i88.) Recites deed from R. J. Hoorn, same as
now fenced. Desc: Ho. and lot to the W. of Broadway,
having to the N. the Old Church-yard; and to the S. the
ho. and lot of the widow of Luyckas Dirckse.
The Church-Yard. (The Old Burying-Ground.)

It was called the "Old Church Yard" in April, 1649,
although there was no other church-yard in New
Netherland at that date. (Pats. Alb., II: 20.)

It was finally disposed of by the City June I, 1687.
(Lib. A, Comptroller's Office: 31.)

(See for further history Key to Castello Plan, Vol. II.)

This gr-br. was probably to William Fredericksen. Jansen's gr-br.
on the S. side (lupra) recites William Fredericksen as a N. neighbor
in Mch. 1651; by 1656, the land of Dirck Jansen (Nes?) is recited
on the N. side.