Lot: Cornelis Dircks Ferryman 1643. (Brooklyn Grants)

Cornelis Dircks Ferryman 1643.
Lot Group
Brooklyn Grants
Date Start
To Party 1 (text)
Cornelis Dircks Ferryman
Location notes
Check Stiles I: 73-77. Jacob Wolphertz deed from July 3 1643 mentions this land already belonging to Ferryman Dirks. December 12, 1645. Patent on Long Island, next to Harry Breser (Brooklyn). We, Willem Kieft, etc... have given and granted to Cornelis Dircksz, Ferryman, a certain piece of land both maize and woodland located on Long Island behind the land previously granted to him; it is located between the land of Herry Breser and another parcel, extending along the marsh of the aforesaid Herry until the aforesaid parcel, and to and through the wood and maizeland until the clearing of Claes Cornelisz Meutelaer; between both west by north and west north west 172 rods; its breadth behind in the woods to the aforesaid Herry north east by east 59 rods; further on to the maizeland east a little south 45 rods; further through themaizeland to the marsh south east by east 109 rods; amounting in all to 12 morgens and 157 rods, with the express conditions etc... Done at Fort Amsterdam, 12 December 1645. http://digitalcollections.archives.nysed.gov/index.php/Detail/objects/51225