Ancestor Notes

Obium was born on Shelter Island, his parents, Tammero and his wife Oyou were enslaved, and as a result, Obium and his brother were enslaved.  They are all are listed in the 1680 Last Will and Testament of Nathaniel Sylvester.

Obium's parents, Tammero and Oyou were bequeathed to Nathaniel’s 17 year old son, Peter Sylvester.

Obium and his brother Tom,  were bequeathed to 23 year old Constant Sylvester.

There are also 2 un-named children of Tammero and Oyou who were bequeathed to 21 year old Benjamin Sylvester.

In 1680, when the bequeaths were made, all of these people were living on Shelter Island at Sylvester Manor with Grizell Sylvester, Nathaniel’s widow.

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