the Spaniard
Ancestor Notes

Manuel the Spaniard was given Manumission Papers by Philip Jansen Ringo in 1649, for the sum of 300 carolus guilders.

Manumission was not a simple 'setting free' of a former slave, but rather a contract that required fulfillment by both parties. 

..... or his heirs for said freedom the sum of three hundred Carolus guilders within the term of three consecutive years, one hundred guilders on the 15th of February of each year during the three years and no longer, in seawan, grain or such pay as is current here and can be raised by him, Manuel. For the fulfilment of this contract he, Manuel, binds his person and, in case he fail in the payment, Philip Jansz shall have power to reclaim and command him as bond-slave, as if this had never been executed. But in case of payment as above mentioned, Philip Jansz shall, as he hereby does, relinquish all right of ownership. In testimony whereof this is signed this 17th of February A° 1649. in New Amsterdam, New Netherland.


Manuel eventually became a land holder, the original deed to his land is currently held at the New York Historical Society.

Further research needed.