Alternate Last Name(s)
2nd Lord of Pelham Manor
Death Date
Death Dates Notes
circa 1712
Ancestor Notes

John Pell,  "Second Lord of the Manor of Pelham," was the nephew and principal legatee of Thomas Pell who bought lands that became the Manor of Pelham from local Native Americans on June 27, 1654.  Born in England in 1643, John Pell traveled to America in 1670 following his uncle's death to claim his inheritance that included the lands that formed the Manor of Pelham.  

John Pell became a notable and important figure in Westchester County before his death in about 1712.  (Many sources claim he died in a boating accident in 1702, although that does not appear to be the case.)  

'John Pell, Second Lord of the Manor, was drowned in the Sound from his yacht about 1702 [sic], leaving by his wife Rachael, daughter of Philip Pinckney, his eldest son Thomas, who became the Third Lord of the Manor.  He was born in Pelham Manor about 1675, and the date of his will is September 3, 1739.  He succeeded his father as Vestryman in the church and held other offices of honor.  He married Anna, by tradition said to be the daughter of the reigning Indian Sachem Ninham-Wampage or Annahock.  As his sons grew up he deeded them large tracts of land, some of the houses on which are still standing -- my great great great grandfather Joshua Pell receiving Hunter's Island and several hundred acres on the mainland. ' 

On Thomas Pell's death, he willed the Manor property to his son Joseph Pell, the Fourth Lord of the Manor.  He was born 1715 (probably the youngest son), married Phebe Dean; died 1752, and with his wife is buried in the railed-in enclosure on the Bartow place near the site of the Manor House.  As mentioned before this property is in charge of the Garden Club of America.  His son Thomas Pell, born 1744 and married Margaret Bartow, was the last owner of the property, which later passed into the possession of the Bartow family.