Anthony Jansen
van Salee
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Cartagena Spain or Sale, Rabat-Sale-Zemmour-Zaer, Morroco
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Anthony Janszoon van Salee (the Turk) (1607–1676) was an original settler of and prominent landholder, merchant, and creditor in New Netherland. Van Salee is believed to be the son of Jan Janszoon (Jan Jansen), a Dutch pirate who after 1619 served a Moorish state on the Barbary Coast. His mother Margarita was Moorish and Van Salee was a Muslim born in Cartagena, Spain; he may have been the first of this background to settle in the New World.   

Jansen van Salee, the Turk, arrived in New Amsterdam about 1633.  He received a patent for Coney Island  (Conyne Eylandt).    He married Grietse Reyniers in 1629, in Amsterdam, and they had four daughters together: Eva, Cornelia, Annica, and Sara.  All of these were eventually married to very successful mercantile families in New Amsterdam.  Anthony and his wife Grietse were involved in several lawsuits involving stealing wood, paying wages he owed with a dead goat, allowing his dog to kill a neighbor's hog, pointing a loaded pistol at the overseer of the West India Company's slaves, threatening a debt collector, and slander.

Above you can see the "Mark of the Turk" he used to sign documents, courtesy of the New York State Archives.

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